“For almost a decade, Gilda has proven her incredible and diverse abilities in the Film industry. We began working on film projects at California State University, Northridge where Gilda took charge of production, casting actors and organizing permits. In addition to her powerful writing skills, she has an infectiously positive attitude that uplifts those working around her. A pleasure on any film/tv development or production!”- Angelique Lettich Executive Assistant


“I’ve been a screenwriter since 2010 and have received dozens of reviews and feedback from consultants and writers alike. Few have stood out in precision and clarity with their notes, and Gilda Graham was able to raise the bar in both respects. With an eye for formatting and exceptional dialogue; her pragmatic approach proves useful for any writer wishing to grow.” – Patrick J. Thies (Semi-Finalist in Screencraft’s Short Film Production Fund)


I found myself struggling for ideas that would bring realistic conflict and obstacles for my lead characters to overcome. Gilda prepared homework assignments that were designed to show me how other writers incorporated conflicts into their stories and to help me with character development. Gilda is just plain fun to work with and gives plot and character ideas and suggestions with such fresh enthusiasm that you leave each coaching session with renewed excitement and energy. I highly recommend Gilda as a writing coach, teacher, editor, and muse. – Craig A. Ruark Freelance Journalist


I was not disappointed. Not being a natural romantic, I had trouble with the developing relationship between the protagonists. She suggested some reading material and completing a “love circle” exercise that allowed me to heat up the budding relationship in a natural evolution. Gilda also helped in cleaning up unnecessary dialogue as well a couple of scenes that made the story drag. I feel the result is much crisper and has better pace as a result. I received excellent value for the money and would highly recommend her services to any writer wanting to improve the quality of their screenplay. – Ray Seakan Screenwriter

I started offering script consultation services for Features, Shorts and Adaptations because of the demand from my students and other individuals in need of screenwriting help. When my consultation services are enlisted, I’ll read your script and give you thorough coverage. Most importantly, I’ll provide you with constructive feedback on its strengths and weaknesses, plus real and concrete ways on how to take your script to the next level.

In case anyone hasn’t heard the term before, coverage is the process your script goes through once given to a company. Coverage consists of:
Notes on your longline, A breakdown of the main characters, An in-depth review of the plot, structure, minor characters, writing, dialogue, pace and visual elements

Short Films

  • 1-3 pages of detailed critique of your short film up to 30 pages
  • Critique includes- Breakdown of characters, Dialogue, and Plot
  • Improvement notes

Feature Film

Ultimate Package
  • Coverage includes- Summary, Concept, Plot Structure, Characterization, and Dialogue
  • Complete suggestions to improve any & all appropriate aspects
  • An optional 30-minute Skype or phone session to walk through the analysis


$ 299
  • Adapting a book is a very special process that includes coaching and consulting in a different form than creating an original screenplay.
  • 3-5 pages of coverage
  • 3 coaching sessions one hour long each
  • Complete suggestions to improve any & all appropriate aspects
  • An optional Skype or phone session to walk through the analysis

Any critiques and criticism I offer are not negative! I want you to let go of the seriousness associated with hard work and have fun. Coaching should be a fun experience that teaches you to let go of old tendencies and PLAY with your scriptwriting. After all: You don’t start playing piano like Tchaikovsky, you start at Mary Had a Little Lamb. Like any musician or fine artist, screenwriting is an art that takes practice and work.

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