About Me

After receiving her degree in Film Production with an emphasis in Screenwriting, Gilda launched forward into the Los Angeles film industry. She studied under industry acclaimed artists, such as Alexis Krasilovsky and Eric Edson, at California State University, Northridge where it brought out and honed her adeptness for producing and screenwriting. Graham has worked with various independent film companies, PBS and Original Productions. Her work on the documentary series, Outdoor Nevada, has earned her an Emmy nomination in 2017, where she served as associate producer. She currently works for MGM Resorts as an associate producer and is on the Nevada Women’s Film Festival Executive Committee.

Shortly after moving to Las Vegas, she also began teaching screenwriting classes at the local library. There was an overwhelming turnout to these classes, showing the obvious need for more screenwriting resources and help. Wanting to learn more, they began requesting one-on-one screenwriting coaching and consulting. If you would like to learn more visit service page


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