Gilda Graham

Fun facts:

  • I’m a total film history nerd.
  • One of my favorite genres is French New Wave.
  • Jean Cocteau’s La Belle et la Bête is my favorite film.
My Favorite Writers
Joseph L Mankiewicz
The Coen Brothers
Nancy Meyers
Emma Thompson

About Me

My first, deep dive into screenwriting was at Cal State University Northridge, where I received a Bachelor’s in Film Production with an emphasis in Screenwriting. After producing my thesis film and graduating, I went straight into the Los Angeles film industry as a freelancer. From being a production assistant to becoming a television and documentary producer I did a wide variety of work. My years of freelancing gave me a well-rounded view and understanding of the film and television industry.

During this time in LA, I was also a judge at the Ventura Film Festival. Reviewing and helping pick the winning scripts at this event one year was a serious screenwriting milestone. After seeing so many entries, I learned many of the problems and patterns that make or break a script.

Shortly after moving here to Las Vegas, I became an associate producer and writer for the hit show, Outdoor Nevada at Vegas PBS.  It was here in Vegas that I also started teaching screenwriting classes at the local library. There was an overwhelming turnout to these classes, showing the obvious need for more screenwriting resources and help. Attendees told me that the information was very helpful, but the occasional library class wasn’t enough! Wanting to learn more, they began requesting one-on-one screenwriting coaching and consulting. If you would like to learn more about me visit my service page


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